BE THE MONKEY, soaring through the air with each toss, twist and turn. Brace yourself for some proper monkeying about in the playgrounds of TOSS!🍌.

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TOSS!🍌 is a bananas VR climbing platformer where you play as an acrobatic ape with the strength to swing and toss yourself freely between obstacles in challenging playgrounds. 🐒

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STATUS  In development
RELEASE DATE  We're working on it 🐵
PLATFORMS  Steam, Oculus Quest


About the developers
Agera Games is a small indie game studio developing TOSS!🍌. We want to make fun games that feel good.

If you need to get in touch with us, please reach out to us on social media or send us an email.

TOSS!🍌 - Race, parkour and freerun your way to the end!

TOSS!🍌 - A bananas VR climbing platformer with challenging playgrounds

TOSS!🍌 - Gotta go fast!